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La Corne gift box (with very special beer glass)


a very special gift box; a very special and exceptional beer glass and 3 wonderful Corne beer:

Corne Black: Smooth aroma and flavours with a remarkable intensity. Initially mild to the taste, it intensifies to reveal notes of chocolate, taverns of yesteryear and hints of an old rum matured in an oak barrel.

Corne Blonde: This effective thirst-quencher will surprise you with its sunny colour and intense bitterness. It contains 5.9% alcohol and is free from sugar and spices.

Corne Triple: Impressive, flavoursome beer with a coppery blonde colour.

This beer takes its name from an Ardennes legend dating from 1636.
A small village bears this name in the Anlier forest, between Bastogne and Arlon in southern Belgium.