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Watou beer selection box (with original beer glass)


Watou, a small village in Belgium, with 2 breweries. Leroy brewery and St Bernardus brewery. They made 1 original beer glass and have put each 2 beers in the gift pack:

St Bernardus Abt 12: a very fruity aroma that is the result of using unique yeast. It brims over with different, complex tastes and stands out through its long, bittersweet finish. With its mild, rounded taste and perfect balance between bitter and sweet.

Cuvee Watou: This premium thirst-quenching Belgian blond high-fermentation ale, with secondary fermentation in the bottle, has a pleasant golden-blonde colour with a full, creamy head.

Poperings hommel: Hommel is local dialect for hops and was the inspiration for the name of this tribute to Poperinge’s most famous export product. This golden ale has a dense white head, green aromatic hops, yeast and mild fruity notes.  Mild citrus, orange and grapefruit, in combination with the hops. The sweet, honeyed finish combines a slightly spicy flavour of cumin, ending with a nice kick of hops.

Watou Tripel: brewed in the St Bernardus brewery, the scents of a Watou Tripel deliver an exciting contrast between a refreshing fruitiness, reminiscent of apricot, and a sublime vanilla perfume. A velvety-soft beer with a honeyed sweetness that comes from the malt. In the finish are found lovely touches of orange.